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21st September, 2016

Today, 1st round of main draws took place, and results are as follows.
Among other leading players than stated in the match reports, these are,

Kidambi Srikanth (IND),
Chou Tien Chen (TPE),
Son Wan Ho (KOR).
Sun Yu (CHN),
Minatsu Mitani (JPN).

Mathias Boe & Carsten Mogensen (DEN),
V Shem Goh & Wee Kiong Tan (MAS).

Luo Ying & Luo Yu (CHN).

Ko Sung Hyun & Kim Ha Na (KOR),
Joachim Fischer Nielsen & Christina Pedersen (DEN),
Peng Soon Chan & Liu Ying Goh (MAS).

Tian Houwei (CHN),
Tommy Sugiarto (INA),
Hu Yun (HKG).
Chai Biao & Hong Wei (CHN).
Fukuman & Yonao (JPN).


Lee Chong Wei (MAS) 2 (21-14, 21-13) 0 Boonsak Ponsana (THA)

The silver medallist of Rio 2016 Olympic, Lee Chong Wei (ranked No 1 by BWF) from Malaysia opened his first match toward the great victory of the 6th title in this tournament. This is the 27th meeting between two players, and Lee has won 24 matches of it. From the beginning of the first game, Lee actively and boldly hit his characteristic shot, the jumping smashes, to attack the Ponsana's court. Although both players made some errors with the shuttle going outside of the court probably due to the wind in the arena, Lee successfully scored the points one after another from the interval (11-6) to the end of this game at 21-14.

In the early stage of the second game, Lee seemed to use various shots to see how the wind was blowing in the arena, and sometimes he inclined his head to the side in doubt. However, Lee controlled the shuttle relatively well and put the smash near to or exactly on the side lines in Ponsana's court, reaching to the interval with 11-5. After the interval, Lee kept his ample leads enough to save his energy for tomorrow's match. Lee closed the match at 21-13.

Viktor Axelsen(DEN) 2 (21-16, 21-11) 0 Wong Wing Ki Vincent (HKG)

The bronze medalist of Rio Olympics and the finalist of the Yonex Open Japan 2015 showed up the first round. This is the first superseries tournament after Rio Olympics for him. This is the 5th meeting between two players, and Axelsen have won recent three matches consecutively.

Axelesen said," I am little bit tired because of insufficient to rest afterRio Olympics."

Axelsen performed his playing in a very relaxed manner from the beginning to the end of the match, with trying to see how each shot will work in the court of the arena. Axelsen finished the match with five consecutive points from 16-11 to 21-11 in 38 minutes.

Jan O JORGENSEN (DEN) 2 (21-15,21-13) 0 Riichi TAKESHITA (JPN)


JORGENSEN, # 5 world ranked Dane, showed his skill and power to beat TAKESHITA, only Japanese who qualified to the Main Draw, in the Men's Singles at YONEX Open Japan.

In the first game Takeshita was a bit nervous and gave the points easily to Dane by 0-6 before he recovered his pace, but Jorgensen dominated almost all the game.

The placements of the shuttlecock to the corners were so stable that Takeshita was forced to hit from the difficult positions and time to time the shuttlecock went outside of the lines. The long reach of the hand and legs were another advantage for tall Dane. The first game was taken by 21-15 in favor of Jorgensen.

In the second game two players showed the long rallies and Takeshita sometimes took the chances to get points, but Jorgensen's skill of receive rarely gave the opportunities to make the decisive shots for Takeshita. The net plays invited by Jorgensen were also the opportunities which Takeshita made the unforced errors. At the interval Jorgensen took the lead by 11-4 and moved to 17-7, 19-11 and finished by 21-13.

After the game Jorgensen said that after the Rio he could not have enough time to take rest, but today his body condition was good and would like to treat carefully one game by one game through this tournament. (s)

Lee Hyun Il (KOR) 2 (26-24, 19-21, 24-22) 1 Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk (THA)

Il played very patiently by delivering his stable various shots toward opponent's fore and rear court. It was very difficult for Thai to anticipate what kind of shots would be delivered from Il's over-head strokes. Two left-hander started to fight quietly from the beginning of the first game but actually these two players deployed fierce battle all over the court.

In the first game Il went to 11-6 at the interval, however Thai gradually accelerated his pace and caught up with Korean at 20-20 tie. Two players did not give away to their opponent until Korean scored two consecutive points to 26-24.

In the second game, Korean went to 11-10 lead at the interval, however Thai tried to turn over the situation very hard and in fact, he succeeded in doing so when Thai caught with Korean 15-15, then to 17-16 lead before closing the game at 21-19.

The final game was a see-saw eventually but Tanongssak led first to the interval at 11-5 and also Tanongsak reached to the first match point at 20-18. Il spent all his energy to catch up and succeeded to tie at 20-20 at last. It was Il who won the match by closing the final game at 24-22.


Akane Yamaguchi (JPN) 2 (21-13 , 21-14) 0 Yip Pui Yin (HKG)

No 6-seeded, Akane Yamaguchi has made a good start, defeating the Hong Kong player, Yip Pui Yin. This is the third meeting between them since Yonex Denmark Open 2015, with Yamaguchi's winning.

In the beginning of the first game, both players struggled to control the shuttle due to the wind in the arena, with their shots going outside of the court. Yamaguchi, after reaching the interval at 11-6, she continued to perform her charming shot, the jumping smash that destroyed the opponent's timing of the defence.

Yip also constantly used the jumping smash with her quick footwork, but Yamaguchi did not allow the opponent to score the points by returning every shot to the back area of the court consistently. As Yip was so impatient to hit the smashes, it led the shuttle only to the net and gave the points to Yamaguchi. Thanks to the warn support of Japanese audience, Yamaguchi successfully closed the match at 21-13, 21-14, and stepped forward to the second round.

"It was a bit difficult to control the shuttle because of the wind in the arena, but I am satisfied with y result at the first round. Also, I want to win the next match and go, at least, to the best 8 as the seeded player of this tournament." Yamaguchi said, during the press conference.

Sayaka Takahashi (JPN) 2 (21-10, 21-8) 0 Yui Hashimoto (JPN)

Sayaka Takahashi, BWF rank No.138, dominated the match through the firtst game to the end of the second game against Yui Hashimoto (BWF rank No.21).

In the first game, Takahashi was attacking aggressively, sharply focus on the game and delivering her steep straight and smashes flawlessly. Takahashi seemed to keep shooting against Hashimoto's monodominant hand side and earned 6 consecutive points from 9-5 to 15-5. Moreover thanks to many errors of Hashimoto side, Takahashi closed the game at 21-10.

In the second game, Takahashi didn't allow Hashimoto to dominate the court. Hashimoto tried to make Takahashi move from corner to corner, however Hashimoto made many errors around the net area, also her shots went over side line many times. Takahashi kept her good pace and closed the game with the huge score gap of 21-8.

On the press interview, Takahashi said that while she was overcoming her injured knee, sometimes she kept thought of retiring. However, Olympics came up in her mind so strongly, and she decided not to give up until Tokyo Olympic 2020. During she was playing today`s match, she could enjoy her own play and got lots of motivation for tomorrow she said.

Ratchanok INTANON (THA) 2 (21-16, 21-12) 0 PAI Yu Po (TPE)

Intanon, 3times SS series winner this year and #5 world ranked player from Thailand, surely advanced to the second round.

In the first game Pai Yu Po seemed not to be concentrated, while Intanon rushed from the beginning. Thai lady took the lead by 8-0 before 11-2 at the interval. The game seemed to be one-side, however, Pai Yu adjusted her speed against the opponent and caught up one point by one point.

When Pai Yu got 15 points, Intanon changed the speed up and tried to get away. The big score difference in the first half of the game was hard to reverse for Taipei lady and eventually the game finished at 21-16 in favor of Intanon.

In the second game both players hit the strong smashes from the first strokes and the match seesawed. The score moved back and force at each other before Intanon took the lead of 11-9.

After the interval, Intanon again intended to speed up and this time Pai Yu could not react. Taipei lady also misjudged the high lob in her back side rear court, as Intanon attacked persistently by the strong driven clear.

The score moved 15-9, 19-11 and Intanon got the game by 21-12.

At the interview the brilliant Thai singles player modestly said that she would like to come to the quarter finals or the semi finals at minimum, but more importantly she would like to play her best against whomever in this tournament. In the Super Series tournaments there are many good players including the gold medalist, Carolina MARIN, and other Asians, among them she would like to be world #1 ranked player in the near future. (s)

Sayaka Sato(JPN) 2 (22-20, 21-14) 0 Tai Tzu Ying(TPE)

1st game was seesaw game of consistent rallies mainly with high clear. Sato first reached game point of 20-16, however Tai caught up to 20 all with her well controlled return including most skillful cross net shot. Sato kept attacking and closed game 22-20 with Tai's rob shot going out of side line.

In the 2nd game, Sato showed her excellent techniques in persistent high clears and steep cut shots and led to 17-5, 18-9 and 20-10. At this point, Tai showed her last patient play but it was her very best to catch up to 14-20. Sato closed match 21-14.

Sato quoted, Tai Tzu Ying seemed not to have recovered from fatigue in RIO Olympic, so in the 1st game, I concentrated to get points as many as possible at beginning of the game, even though I felt myself a little nervous. So far I succeeded. I started the 2nd game, speeding up my play before Tai sped up her pace as usual. I made it too much and tired a little towards end of the game, which was the reason that I lost 4 consecutive points after I reached match point.

Tomorrow, my opponent is Sayaka Takahashi who was coming back from her injury same as myself. We both are similar players attacking with strong smash, so I consider I must play prudently not making unforced errors especially in smash ,earlier than Takahashi.


Hiroyuki Endo & Kenichi Hayakawa (JPN) 2 (21-16, 21-19) 0 Mathias Christiansen & David Daugaard (DEN)


One of the best 8 pairs of Mens Doubles in Rio 2016 Olympics, Endo & Hayakawa, made the first victory of this tournament toward the first superseries title. While many fans have been worried about Hayakawa's condition (his waist was injured in Rio 2016 Olympic), the Japanese pair performed very well from the beginning of the first game in an aggressive manner. Particularly, Endo used the skilful and various-speeded smashes from the back area of the court and Hayakawa took golden opportunity to make the points at the front area.

In the second game, the Danish pair turned to attack more aggressively than in the first game by hitting more powerful and steep smashes with the advantages of their 188 and 185 cm height. As a result, the Danish pair was led with only a few points by the Japanese pair in the second game 6-7, 9-11, 11-12, and 12-15. However, Endo and Hayakawa consistently returned the shuttle to the opponents' court again and again. Although the Danish pair, to the end of the game, made a terrific counterattack, the Japanese pair closed the match at 21-19.

At the press conference, Endo and Hayakawa said "We are a bit tired in the end of the match because it has been some ages since we played last time. However, this Yonex Open Japan is the very special tournament for us, so we eagerly hope to win the title."

Takeshi Kamura & Keigo Sonoda(JPN) 2 (24-22, 21-19) 0 Liu Xiaolong & Lu Kai(CHN)

Both pair's high level rallies made the audience being excited. Also the audience must be tired because the shuttle was moved right and left at too much high speed.

Both in the first and second game, Japan and China played aggressively, and the score went seesawed. Japan pair's smashes and drive shots were better than the one of china pair, also they placed the shuttle very accurately.

Japanese pair said, "We could play patiently, but we made several errors at the situation we should have won the rally."

Japan pair won the match by a slight margin at 24-22 21-19 for the winner of this tournament.

Kamura & Sonda will compete against the strong Denmark pair at the 2nd round.


Christinna Pedersen & Kamilla Rytter Juhl (DEN) 2 (21-10, 21-8) 0 Rie Etoh & Aoi Matsuda (JPN)


The victory for this match went to Pedersen/Juhl pair, ranked BWF number 5, who showed fierce fight against Takahashi/Matsumoto pair at Rio Olympic.

In the first game, Denmark pair perfectly dominated the match. Etoh/Matsuda pair tried to return opponent`s attack with low drives. However, Etoh/Matsuda made lots of errors in their net shots and smashes which went over the end line. Pedersen/Juhl succeeded in building up an iron wall easily and closed the game 21-13.

In the second game, Etoh/Matsuda seem to hold back and made a good start. They were trying to catch up with shuttles showed long rally. However, they could not succeed to break through Pedersen/Juhl pair's iron wall and suffered from the steep angled smashes of them. Pedersen/Juhl closed the match 21-13.

Pedersen/Juhl said that After the Rio Olympic, to keep good condition is a little bit hard but still could keep good motivation. There are lots of good Asian players so it is hard for us to go to final game but we will try our best.

Ou Dongni & Yu Xiaohan(CHN) 2 (21-15, 21-13) 0 Naoko Fukuman & Kurumi Yanao(JPN)


Ou & Yu who have defeat twice Japanese Gold medalist of Rio Olympics competed with Fukuman & Yonai for the first time.

A difference in ability to concentration seemed to determine the winner.

In the first game, both pairs played very well, but any shot couldn't be a winning shot. Patient time flew between two pairs. In vital points, China pair smashes worked well against Japan pair and earned consecutive points several times. Ou & Yu won the first game at 21-15.

Second game was same as the first game. Japan pair couldn't keep their concentration, and lose important long rally and gave the opponent 11 point interval first. China pair finished the match at 21-13.

Chinese pair said "Japanese pair is ranked much higher than our BWF rank and they are one of the Japanese women's doubles aces. So we spend much time to prepare for the match, and we tried to play patiently. This is the reason for remaining our concentration during the match."


2 (21-14,16-21,21-12) 1 Bodin ISARA & Savitree AMITRAPAI (THA)

渡辺 勇大/東野 有紗

A young new Japanese pair made much effort to advance to the second round at their debut match of YONEX Open Japan.

In the first game both Japanese started aggressively. The quick push shots by Higashino and the steep jumping smashes mixed by the soft touch drop shots by Watanabe worked effectively to accumulate the points, while Thai pair could not enough respond to Japanese. At the interval the score was 11-6 in favor of Watanabe & Higashino and moved to 16-11 and finished by 21-14.

In the second game Higashino kept controlling the rallies from the front court to lead the score by 11-7 at the interval and further to 14-7. However, suddenly Japanese pair repeated the unforced errors and Thai pair came back mainly by ISARA's strong smashes. AMITRAPAI also made the fine drives to catch up the points by 15-15 and reversed to close the second game by 21-16.

In the third game, Japanese tried to play at the own pace, they said after the game. Watanabe made many unforced errors and Higashino could not touch quickly in the last half of the second game, they mentioned.

Therefore, they concentrated from the beginning and hit the shuttlecock aggressively. Such offensive style gave more pressure to Thai pair and Japanese took the lead by 11-4 at the interval. The anticipation of Higashino gave her to make the beautiful quick pushes and Watanabe also hit the high jumped smashes. Thai pair tried again to come back by powerful smashes by ISARA, but Japanese received consistently to lead the score and got match point after one of the longest rallies and won by 21-12.

At the interview both Japanese said the final game and this victory gave them more confidence to go ahead. It is difficult to say what is the target of this tournament, but they would do their best at one game by one game. They also added their future goal was Tokyo Olympic in 2020 and they would like to get medals. (s)

Kim Gi Jung & Shin Seung Chan(KOR) 2 (22-20, 21-18) 0 Chris Adcock & Gabrielle Adcock(ENG)

It is the second time for them to compete in SuperSeries. They met in Yonex All England and England won.

In the early stage of first game, Korea pair couldn't make up their pace because of lack of combination. On the contrary, England pair earned the points smoothly with their offensive smashes and stable play to 16-11. However, Korea pair gradually regained themselves, and caught up with the opponent to 20-20. Kim & Shin won the first game at 22-20.

In sharp contrast to first game, second game was very close game. Korea pair earned 3 consecutive points from 10-8 to 11point interval. Continuously, they won 4 rallies to 15-11. In spite of England pair's guts to compete, the match was finished by Chris's service error to the victory of Korea pair at 21-18.

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