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 20th September, 2016

MetLife BWF WORLD SUPER SERIES YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2016 has started today at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium located in the heart of Capitol Tokyo.

Mr.Poul-Erik Hoyer, BWF president wrote his messages to this tournament and said "I am thrilled thatit is the 35th 'birthday' of the YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2016. It's surely a matter of pride for Nippon Badminton Association, and indeed for BWF, that the tournament which started in 1982 continues to be one of the most important events on the calendar and attracts the best players in the world." in the opening remarks.

This is the first tournament of LEVEL 2, BWF World Superseries, after Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August, 2016 and the most of the medalists will display their highest performances before spectators.

Please visit here and enjoy watching shuttlers from all over the world.

Result of Qualifying round on Sept. 20 Qualifiers to Main Draw are as follows,
Riichi Takeshita (JPN)
Khosit Phrtpradab (THA)
Parupalli Kashyap (IND)
Shi Yuqi (CHN)
Sayaka Takahashi (JPN)
Saena Kawakami (JPN)
Chisato Hoshi (JPN)
Natsuki Nidaira (JPN)
Hiroki Okamura & Masaya Onodera
Chung Eui Seok & Dukyoung Kim (KOR)
Liu Cheng & Zheng Siwei (CHN)
Kosuke Makino & Dai Watanabe (JPN)
Yoshinori Takeuchi & Yukiko Takahata (JPN)
Nipitphon Phuangunapet & Jungkolphan Kititharakul (THA)
Tomoya Takashina & Rie Etoh (JPN)
Katsunori Ito & Natsumi Uratani (JPN)

Qualifying Round
Mens' Singles

Takuma Ueda(JPN) 2 (15-21,22-20,21-15) 1 Emil Holst(DEN)

Japanese, Takuma Ueda, lost chance to get the ticket to the main draw of YONEX Open Japan. However, he made a good job at R1of Qualification match against Dane, Emil Holst.

In the first game the tall Dane, Holst, took the advantage by his long reach and aggressively hit the strong drive shots, while Ueda carefully reacted to place the shuttlecock to the corners, the game seesawed. But some unforced errors by Ueda gave the first game to Dane by 21-15. In the second game the situation was not much changed and Holst accumulated the points. The game seemed to finish soon when Holst reached 17-10, however, the game reversed from then on.

According to Ueda after the game, his coach advised him to hit more aggressively, especially to respond the opponent's drive shots. Ueda's offensive style was so effective that Holst became a bit nervous and repeated the unforced errors. Ueda caught up by 18-18 and got ahead to 22-20. In the final game, Holst recovered by the steep crossed cut shots to lead 11-8, but he again lost concentration after the interval. Ueda overcame by the drive shots and the positive strokes to the back boundary lines. Japanese defeated Dane by 21-15 and advanced to R2. (s)

Takuma Ueda (JPN) 2 (9-21,21-19,17-21) 1 Phetpradab, Khosit (THA)

At the R2, Ueda competed to Mr. Phetpradab, Khosit from Thailand.

In the first game Ueda seemed not to be concentrated and Khosit took the points easily to lead by 11-5. Ueda confessed after the game that he could not changed his mind to prepare the game, as the interval between R1 and R2 was not enough. The first game finished by 21-9 in favor of Khosit.

In the second game Ueda recovered the power and seesawed the points in the middle of the game by 17-17 and he showed his passion to get the game by 21-19.

In the final game, Ueda has already used almost all his stamina and was leaded by 5-11 before he clenched at 17-17. But finally Khosit overpowered Ueda to finish at 21-17. (s)

Riichi Takeshita(JPN) 1 (21-15,21-17) 2 Goh Soon Huat(MAS)

The Japanese veteran player, Riichi Takeshita, scored his first win over Malaysian player, Soon Huat Goh, in Yonex Open Japan 2016.

Takeshita was consistently leading the points from the beginning to the end of the match with 11-8, 16-10, 19-12, and closed the first game with 21-15. He performed various shots as he tried to adjust himself to the condition of the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, so every single rally was relatively long. In the second game, remarkable, the factor that would have decided the winning and losing between two players seemed to be the accuracy of the net shots. Takeshita displayed the critical net shots to force the opponent to make more mistakes, by leading 11-6, 15-10, 18-14, and closed the match at 21-17.

The next opponent of Takeshita is Pannawit Thongnuam from Thailand.

Riichi Takeshita(JPN) 2 (21-12,21-13) 0 Pannawit Thognuam(THA)

Takeshita relatively adjusted himself to the condition of the court at the first stage of the qualification, so he seemed to play in more relaxed manner and got the points by using more the steep smash than the first round. Thus, he reached the interval with much leads, 11-3. Even after the interval, Takeshita was keeping offensive with the critical net shots and gained six consecutive points to 17-5. However, Thongnuam returned to his pace by using powerful smash with five consecutive points to 17-10. At this point, Takeshita seemed to change his tactics from the consistent attacks to receiving every shot to the corner of the court and force Thai player to run from one corner to another. As a result, Takeshita could close the first game in a quick and certain way at 21-12.

While Thongnuam successfully started the second game by leading 4-1, Takeshita got back to his playing and scored 11 consecutive points through the interval to 12-4. Even after that, Takeshita focused on the consistent defence and certainly took advantages of the chance for getting the points. Then, he closed the match at 21-13 and made a victory to the main draw from tomorrow.

Xue Song(CHN) 2 (21-17,21-19) 1 Kenta Tsuneyama(JPN)

The young aggressive player, Xue Song from China has come back to the court since he played in Yonex Sunrise India Open on March of 2016 and defeated the booming Japanese player, Kanta Tsuneyama in a straight game with 21-17, 21-18 in 54 minutes. In the first game, both players started with more like accurate shots to put the shuttle on the corners of the front and the end of the court, with changing the opponents' paces and probably forcing them not to get the points by critical shots, such as the smash. However, Xue closed the first game at 21-17 with the sufficient fuel for playing the following game.

Even in the second game, although Tsuneyama was desperately catching up Xue till the end of this game, Xue never let Tsuneyama lead the points even once. Even at 18-18 in the second game, Xue closed it out at 21-19 with consistent smashing shots that he did not show until that time.

At the mixed zone, Tsuneyama made a comment "I could not read the flow of the wind in the gymnasium well. Moreover, it was difficult to find the timing for shifting from the defence to the attack in such a close game." He also said "From now on, I just will try to practice and win every match."

Anders Antonsen(DEN) 2 (22-20,21-16,21-11) 1 Kazumasa Sakai(JPN)

In the opening section, Sakai got a lead by one of the Danish next-star, Anders. However, Anders played patiently and got maximum 5 consecutive points by the chance of game point 20-18. Anders missed a chance twice, but he happily won the first game at 22-20.

Both players earned 6 consecutive points in the early of second game. Sakai kept his guard up until Danish player couldn't remain his concentration. Japanese player got 6 consecutive points again at 12-15 to 19-16. Sakai won the second game scored 21-16. Third game was different from first and second game. Anders played patiently and defensive without any unforced error till the end. Sakai couldn't pick up his pace during the game and was defeated by Denmark's player, Anders scored 11-21.


Shi Yuqi(CHN) 2 (21-10,21-12) 0 Shimono Hashiru(JPN)

19-year-old Japanese player, Shimono was defeated by 20-year-old Chinese player, Shi in 35 minutes. Shi played perfectly against Shimono, and he gave his opponent player no lead through the match.

Shi is going to play against his team-mate, Xue, for the ticket to first round.

Qualifying Round
Womens' Singles

Kana Ito (JPN) 2 (24-22,23-21) 0 Haruko Suzuki (JPN)

Both ladies, Ms. Ito and Ms. Suzuki, kept their own styles and the score moved one by one all the way. However, Ito almost always dominated the game and she was rarely leaded by her opponent, Suzuki.
In the first game Ito got 11-8 at the interval and took the point one by one to 20-19 and got the deuced game by 24-22. The second game moved similarly. Ito took 11-10 and went to 19-17 before Suzuki reversed to 19-20, but eventually Ito got the game by 23-21.

Relatively Ito seemed overpowered, though she also made the unforced errors which have given the chance to Suzuki to catch up, but the situation was never reversed.
Ito defeated Suzuki by the exhausted deuced games and advanced to R2 against young Ms. Nidaira. (s)

Natsuki Nidaira(JPN) 2 (21-23,21-6,23-21) 1 Kana Ito(JPN)

Ms. Ito dominated the first game against Ms. Nidaira.

Well experienced Ito, time to time, made the short services and lured the young opponent to the unforced errors near the net. She got 11-8 at the interval before the points seesawed to 19-19 and the game finished at 23-21 in favor of Ito.

In the second game Nidaira took the lead by 11-3 mainly caused by the unforced errors by Ito who almost downed the shift to prepare the final game. Nidaira easily took the second game by 21-6.

In the final game, Ito tried to concentrate from the beginning and stroked the strong driven clear shots to the back boundary line. The short services were also effective to force the errors to accumulate the pints. Ito took the lead by 11-8 at the interval.

But Nidaira patiently returned the shuttlecock to the corners and reversed the points by 16-14, 18-15 and 19-18. The game deuced again and finally Nidaira won by 23-21.

After the game, Nidaira said that she experienced to play against Ito-san this year and prepared to be patient for the long rallies as she does not have decisive shots. She also mentioned that YONEX Open Japan is one of the most exciting opportunities for her and would like to enjoy challenging the top players. (s)

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