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Men’s Singles

Men's single #1: Lin Dan(CHN) vs. Peter Gade (DEN)
No. 5 seed Lin Dan defeated No. 2 seed Peter Gade in straight game 21-11, 21-19. Peter who recently beat Lin Dan in Swiss open was overwhelmed. Lin Dan won the first game by 21-11.
Peter Gade showed his real class on the second game and kept leading until 18-16. However, Lin Dan who played very well today won the second game by 21-19.
Peter said he played very well during the second game and could have won the game, nevertheless, Lin Dan played very sharp and well and it was very difficult to beat him in this condition.

Women's Singles

Women's single #1: Tine Baun (DEN) vs. Xin Wang (CHN)
No. 2 seed Xin Wang was too strong for No. 4 seed Tine Baun, Wang defeated Tine in straight game 21-17, 21-16.
Tine mentioned that she was in better condition than last week but still not in her best. She is really happy though as her elbow injury is getting better, she feels fine with that now.

Mixed Doubles

Mixed double #1: Fischer/Nielsen (DEN) vs. Tao/Tian (CHN)
No. 5 seed Danish pair Fischer/Nielsen played No. 8 Chinese pair Tao/Tian as the opening game on the semifinal day. Tao/Tian defeated Fischer/Nielsen 21-14, 22-20.
The Chinese pair, especially Tao, was too strong on the first game and they led by 11-3. They kept leading the score and won this game by 21-14.
During the second game, the Danish pair played better and led the score until 18-16. However, Tao again showed his determination and they won the second game by 22-20.
The Danish pair was tired after playing in China tournament recently. Fischer said during post match interview that the Chinese pair was the better side today.

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