Men’s Singles Final

(About two players)
Lee Chong Wei (world ranked no.1, Malaysia) encountered with Lin Dan (world ranked no.5, China) in the Men’s Singles Final at the Yonex Open Japan 2010 in Tokyo on 26th September, 2010.
Both players are entitled to be the best favorite in the Men’s Singles and deserve to be Champion in the YOJ today, as well. Both players head to head were 6-14 in favor to Lin Dan before today’s Match. As you recall, Lin Dan was a gold medalist and Lee Chong Wei was a Silver medalist at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.
Lin Dan won the last three encounters (May, 2009 Sudirman Cup / September, 2009, China Masters / May, 2010, Thomas Cup) and Lee Chong Wei’s the most recent victory was March, 2009 in Swiss Open Final.
Lin Dan beat peter Gade (Denmark) 21-11, 21-19 and Lee Chong Wei beat Boonsak Ponsana (Thailand) 21-13, 21-18 in the Semi-Finals respectively.

(Match overview)
In the opening game, it was Lin Dan who scored 7-3 lead first.
Lin Dan tried to take advantages by placing shuttlecocks into net followed by extremely strong smash powered by his whole body.
Meantime, Lee caught up with 9-9 tie and then scored 5 consecutive points and reversed the game 13-9.
This was Lee’s first lead in the opening game. By this time, Lee was able to cope with Lin Dan’s high-speed straight and cross court smash and we started to see rather longer rallies than first half of this 1st game.
Lee was so much concentrated and anticipated successfully Lin Dan’s net shots, variety of over-head fore/back hand strokes and driven flat shots which were targeted an opponent’s body.
Lin Dan one time reversed the game however Lee Chong Wei reached the game point first 20-19, and then won the 1st game at 22-20.

In the 2nd game, Lin Dan maintained his good pace of earning points and reached to 12-12, then lead all the time until he won the 2nd game at 21-16.

In the final game, Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei demonstrated their best performance in front of 3,500 spectators in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.
There are a lot of Malaysian supporters and Chinese supporters with their own national flags in their hands, while Japanese funs gave big claps towards two players equally for their outstanding placements, magical touch of shuttlecocks and their magnificent coverage of the courts.
Lee lead 6-3 first, Lin caught up with him at 7-7, however after this point, as a result Lin Dan was not able to reverse the game at any point of this game.
Lee Chong Wei won the game at 21-17 and closed the match 2-1 successfully.

(After the match)
An Exchange of the highest standard attacks and receives by both players and breath-taking rallies intoxicated not only each supporter from Malaysia and China but also entire 3,500 spectators including Japanese fans in the gymnasium up until the match was over.
It is believed that this particular match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei will be considered as one of the greatest Singles Matches and which will become a legend in the world badminton history.

Women's Singles Final

Jiang Yanjiao (CHN) vs. Wang Xin (CHN)
Yonex Open Japan 2009 Women’s Singles champion Wang Xin was forced to be runner-up this year by her own teammate Jiang Yanjiao.
There were lots of rallies and both players were trying to catch up with each other’s score.
Wang Xin’s miss on the net ended the match with the score of 23-21, 21-18.
Total duration of the match was 36 minutes.
Jiang Yanjiao commented that it was not easy to win the match because the opponent was her own teammate.
Nevertheless, she was very happy to be able to win the competition this year.

Men’s Doubles Final

Cai/Fu(CHN) vs. Ku/Tan(MAS)
Cai/Fu(CHN) beat Ku/Tan(MAS) 18-21 21-14 21-12.
Both Pairs are well known by their attacking power using strong smash and drive.
China pair was much superior to Malaysia pair in receiving which continued to give pressure on Malaysia pair and big smasher, Tan could not keep strength of his smash.

Women’s Doubles Final

XiaoliWang /Yan Yu(CHN) vs. Shu Cheng/Yunlei Zhao(CHN)
Although a hastily built pair, XiaoliWang /Yan Yu overwhelmingly beat Shu Cheng/Yunlei Zhao
21-17 21-6. Both Wang and Yu have very strong smash like male players but at the same time,
have variety of shots, which made Cheng and Zhao unable to make effective receive.

Mixed Doubles Final

Nan ZHANG/Yunlei ZHAO (CHN) vs. Jiaming TAO/Qing TIAN (CHN)
Today all chinese final on mixed doubles was represented by Nan Zhang/Yunlei Zhao and Jiaming Tao/Qing Tian pairs.
This match was won by Zhang/Zhao pair on 21-19, 22-20.
Both pairs were working very hard to get their first gold medal in Yonex Open Japan.
Fight between these teammates was very tough and thrilling.
On the first game both pairs were fighting at a very tight score difference.
Until they were level at 19-19 Zhang/Zhao pair adding two consecutive points and won the game.
Yet, on the second game Tao/Tian pair seemed leading the game.
However, Zhang/Zhao kept their concentration and forced Tao/Tian to have a deuce.
Zhang/Zhao again showed their determination winning the game 22-20.

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